How Capcom Is Different

Among Japanese game developers, Capcom's done really well this generation. The company has launched new IPs, gone multi-plat and even still churns out big arcade games. Part of the reason for that success, at least on home console titles, is Capcom's own multi-platform engine, the MT Framework. While other Japanese developers are just starting to acknowledge the need to launch truly multi-platform titles in this next generation, Capcom was ready from the get-go. What's more, Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi explains:

First of all, we at Capcom, when we set out to make a game, we make it on a world-wide basis.

We make a game that people all over the world are going to buy. And I think that that way of thinking is one of the reasons for our successes.

Maybe at other developers, they first of all look at the Japanese market, and then say, "Oh, we can also sell this in the west".

They develop it first for the internal market, for the Japanese market; but we at Capcom, we look at it first of all as selling something for the whole world.

The second reason, I think, is that we in Capcom are based in Osaka, unlike most of the other Japanese developers, who are based largely in Tokyo.

And I think that gives us — we have a lot of creative people, and the atmosphere and feeling in the workplace is a little bit different, and I think that gives us a little bit of originality, and allows us also to make something that's technically very high level.

That's right, next time you play a Capcom game, just remember: It's creators were probably powered by delicious takoyaki or okonomiyaki. Mmm mmm good.

Co-Op Creators: Resident Evil 5's Anpo and Takeuchi Tag-Team Interview [Gamasutra][Pic]


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