How Runes Of Magic Builds Character

Frogster has provided a bit of information on the character building system for their upcoming fantasy MMORPG Runes of Magic, which features a rather interesting dualclass system of character creation, allowing players to combine the powers of two classes into one character. Players can choose both a primary and secondary class and swap them out as they wish, sort of like Final Fantasy XI, but unlike FFXI they can learn secondary abilities for each class that can be used no matter which class they are playing as their main. The example given in the document, found in full after the jump, is of a character with a Rogue secondary being able to use "Training: Assassin's Weapons" to throw daggers.

The game also features a talent point system similar to World of Warcraft, allowing players to spend points as they level to focus on their powers and abilities. It sounds like an interesting system that will make for some nifty tactics in both PVP and PVE situations. I'll be checking out Runes of Magic at the Games Convention in Leipzig next week, so keep an eye peeled for more information on this rather intriguing little MMO. Hit the jump for the full document and some shiny new screenshots.

One Character - Thousands of Choices

Immense variety in the character development and skill system of Runes of Magic

Berlin, 2008/08/15: Runes of Magic offers a very interesting system for character development besides its dualclass system already explained. To equip a character in Frogster's upcoming fantasy MMOG with unique abilities, players may take skills and spells from three basic categories.

Amidst the general abilities and spells players will find callback spells, crafting skills, melee attacks and a PvP flag to enable or disable the player versus player mode. The second category in Runes of Magic, the so-called primary skills, may only be used by the primary class. Among these abilities special skills like the exceptional attack combinations of warriors, reanimation of priests or sneaking up of rogues can be found. Players can use the secondary skills with both their primary- and secondary class. If a player chooses to play a Rogue as his or her secondary class, he may for example apply "Training: Assassin's weapons" to throw daggers.

At any time, players can change their primary and secondary class. But a player will only receive experience and talent points for his active primary class, which means that only this class will level up. To upgrade the secondary class, players will have to switch between the classes first.

By defeating enemies and via regular level-up the player will receive talent points, which can be used in Runes of Magic to upgrade most skills and spells. The Mage's fireball for example will only reach its true destructive power, when it has been enhanced with talent points. The multifaceted crafting will be trained by regular practice just like the combat skills, e.g. one-handed swords, wands or bows.

Each class in Runes of Magic possesses a special ability, which is already available at level 1, but has a long cooldown time of one hour. Warriors for example increase their Fury by using „Rage", Scouts fire their arrows with an increased attack bonus by using the „ Arrow of Essence ", which does not consume physical arrows and Mages transform their spells into instant spells by applying „Elemental Catalysis". While a Rogue's normal attack changes into a murderous instrument by the use of „Assassinate" for 30 seconds, a Knight endows all of his companions with a protective shield for 15 seconds via the use of his „Holy Shield". Some skills in Runes of Magic may be used at any time, others need a certain conjuring time, a few have a cooldown period and for others the correct type of energy is needed (Warriors use fury, Rogues energy, Scouts focus and Knights, Mages and Priests use mana). Beside the active skills, players in Runes of Magic also have passive abilities that enable them to use certain equipment like a bow or armor.

Even skill combinations are possible when starting with the right opening attack. The correct sequence of each skill's assigned element - fire, water, wind, earth, light and darkness - can trigger mighty combination attacks that deal immense damage to an enemy or complement a skill or spell with a special effect. Thus, a normal spell can for example affect a whole area when applied within such a sequence. By using several skills in the right order, players trigger such a combo effect. The best way to figure out which combinations work best, is by playing together with other players fighting against the many creatures and monsters in the gaming world of Runes of Magic.

The first region of the ambitious online roleplaying game can be played in an early test version at the Games Convention at booth A10 of Publisher Frogster Interactive in hall 5. Further information, a registration form for beta-signup and a new action-trailer are available on the official website:


    I have played this game, and this game rocks wow and guild wars is nothing if you have played this.

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