If Mark Wahlberg Knew Max Payne Was A Video Game...

We already knew that Mark Wahlberg won't play Max Payne because of his "addictive personality". Well, what did he think of the Max Payne script when he first read it?

They knew I wouldn't even had read it if I knew it was based on a video game. But I read the script, and I thought this is a great script and a great character. And then, after seeing the game, I thought, 'Wow, this is the most elaborate story I've ever seen from a video game.' Really, there's a lot going it, it's a very intricate story. And, you know, the writers didn't have to take my liberties... My assistant, who's a complete gamer freak... I let him play the game non-stop...

That was nice of Marky Mark — you know, letting his gamer freak assistant to play! Wahlberg says that he does enjoy Wii Tennis with his daughter. While playing it, he also mentions how he hurt his thumb. That's too bad.

Spike Interivew [Game Trailers via CVG]


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