Is This Japan-Only PSP Peripheral A Fire Hazard?

Word has it that PSP add-on camera peripheral Chotto Shot runs hot. Quite hot, it seems. Apparently, a PSP Fanboy reader tried to purchase the peripheral, but got the following warning from the retailer:

Due to a safety issue and high defect rate, we are issuing a product recall to anyone who has purchased a PSP Chotto Shot Camera after July 1st, 2008. Even though these units have been tested, we have been getting reports that some of these units have been running extremely hot, and have emitted a burning smell from the unit. An already dangerous and unfortunate situation, this could lead to the even more serious event of a fire starting from the unit.

The retailer added that the manufacturer is aware of the problem. A quick online search shows that the Japan-only Chotto Shot seems to be out of stock at places like Play-Asia, so maybe they're waiting for the newer, don't-smell-like-burning units.

PSP camera, Chotto Shot, may be a safety hazard [PSP Fanboy via Dtoid]


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