Jim Brown Sues EA, Sony, Gonna Git Them (Suckas)

Jim Brown is mad. The former Browns RB and occasional movie star is suing both EA and Sony for "unspecified damages for trademark infringement, unauthorised use of his likeness, trademark dilution and unfair business practices and competition". Those are big claims! So what's his complaint? That the classic/vintage "All-Browns" team in Madden has a black RB with the number 32. Jim Brown, remembering he was also a black RB for the Browns who wore #32, is upset by this, and wants not only the aforementioned damages, but wants his "likeness" removed from the game as well. Never mind the Madden player is not called Jim Brown, nor does it carry his likeness in any way. Neither EA nor Sony are yet to respond to the lawsuit, presumably because they're too busy wondering how stupid Brown's lawyers really are.
Sony Sued by Hall-of-Famer Jim Brown Over Video Game [Bloomberg]


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