Killzone 2 Adds Multiplayer Bot Action

I just got back from a hands on with Killzone 2 multiplayer, which I will tell you about in a bit, where Guerrilla Games multiplayer designer Eric Boltjes confirmed that Killzone 2 would indeed be featuring AI bots to help fill out online matches while allowing those who prefer the offline multiplayer experience someone fake to play with. Bots in Killzone 2 will actively try to react how a player would react, able to use all abilities, weapons, and participate in all mission types.

I've been a big fan of offline bot-based multiplayer ever since Unreal introduced me to the joys of shooting people without having them type nasty things about my mother. Only *I* can type nasty things about my mother.


    Will they have the badge system available on offline with the ranking system? Hope so

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