LittleBigPlanet, So Electric, So Gassy

Yes, we know that LittleBigPlanet will let players slight stuff on fire and BURN THINGS. But that's just fire. What about other elements? Or the weather? According to Media Molecule's Mark Healey:

You can set fire to pretty much anything, you can also make things 'electrified', or turn them to gas, which is very cool... By water, I assume you mean 'real water' that acts like real water does! This isn't in the initial release, but we have some cool ideas for how to integrate it into a possible future DLC — of course, it will have a slight LBP twist to it... There is fog that you can tweak, and you could pretty easily fake a thunderstorm with the right sound effect objects and some 'emitted' rain drops or something.

Electrified? Gas? Possible water DLC? Tweakable fog?! Fake thunderstorms?! Woah.

Exclusive Interview with LittleBigPlanet Co-Creator Mark Healey [LBP Forums]


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