Look At These New Max Payne Movie Promo Pics!

Three new Max Payne movie promotional stills. That's one of them right there, and the other two are after the jump. In the above pic, that's Marky Mark as Max Payne and actress Mila Kunis as Mona Sax, who apparently learned to shoot a gun while filming Max Payne. Well, that's what IMDB says.

Two more images after the jump.

Ho ho ho, Max Payne killing dirt. BAD ARSE.

Anyone have an idea what that giant bird thingy is? Don't remember that in the game.

New Stills From The Day the Earth Stood Still and Max Payne! [Latino Review Thanks, Melo!]


    That giant bird thingy is a demon. I don't remember it being in the game either. What I DO remember, is an awesome nightmare stage.
    They should just slap another title on this movie as I've seen the trailer and it does the game no justice at all.

    You know. From the amount of bullet casings hoving in the air in picture three, surely that'd mean he's fired those 10 bullets in roughly... A second?

    Oh, and if that's a Desert Eagle, he must've reloaded amazingly quickly, as far as I'm aware those are 7-9 shot firearms.

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