LOTRO: Mines Of Moria Beta Opens

LOTRO: Mines Of Moria Beta Opens

Now, see, I think Turbine have missed a trick here. Surely the best — nay, the only — way to enter the beta program for LOTR Online expansion pack Mines Of Moria is by speaking ‘Friend’ and then entering?

Sadly, they have plumped for the more prosaic (and, lets be realistic, more practical) option of a website where you can sign up in the hope your name gets plucked from the wizard’s hat.

The Mines final-stage beta is invite only, but you can apply for consideration at the official site. As well as the titular underground complex, the expansion will contain a couple of new character classes, hundreds of quests and Balrogs.

Invites Open for Mines of Moria Beta [Wired Game|Life]

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