Lucy Bradshaw Talks Spore Expansions

Eurogamer hosted a live chat today with Spore executive producer Lucy Bradshaw, in which she discussed the possibility of a demo (none), copy protection (included, of course), and plans for expanding the game once it's released. Rather than just produce gameplay add-ons, EA plans on capitalizing on the popularity of the game's editing features as well.

"When we started Spore, we were thinking about how we'd make an engine that had the possibility of expansion, so yes, we'll add to the experience", she said. "I think, however, we have a very cool opportunity to take Spore in a few different directions too. The editors are so cool and fun, that we want to advance those as well as the gameplay that we put into the core game".

One of the planned additions is a flora editor, that will allow players to customise the plant life in the game just as they customise the animal life. I, for one, cannot wait for the influx of sexually suggestive ferns.
No Spore demo, but expansions planned News [Eurogamer]


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