Man Faces 21 Years for Killing Baby Who Interrupted Game

I'm not sure how this piece of garbage gets manslaughter and not murder — probably because it was a plea agreement. But a man in Arizona has pleaded guilty in the death of an 18-day old baby whose crying had interrupted his video game.

In Tucson, Ariz., Rene Edward Barrios, 26, was playing a video game on Oct. 26 as his girlfriend had left him in charge of her infant son, Jaden Encinas.The infant's crying disturbed him while he was playing a video game. Enraged, he paused the game, picked up Jaden, shook him and hit him. Then Barrios went back to playing his game for another 10 minutes while the baby stopped breathing.

Jaden was pronounced dead at the hospital. Barrios faces between 10 and 21 years in prison. The AP story had the decency not to mention which game or console was involved, as it's pretty trivial.

I'm beyond revulsion at this. Have a nice next 21 years of your life, Rene.

Newborn Killed for Interrupting Video Game [Associated Press and The Arizona Republic via Destructoid]


    It amazes me how they didn't just give him the death penalty already and leave it at that. This "person" if I could even call him such is a good example of giving us gamers a further bad name by the media.

    That's disgusting, and whats bad as well is now there's gonna be another big uproar other violent video games destroying people's minds.
    Why should the entire gaming community be represented by one complete nutjob.

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