Mashade: Make Your Own Bad Video Game Mashups is a newly launched website from Blockade Entertainment and GorillaSpot, Inc. that allows users to quickly edit their own video game trailer mashups. Take video assets from partners such as EA, Take 2, Sega, Codemasters, and Ubisoft, drop them into the editor, add sound clips, music, text, and effects, and you end up with something relatively horrible, as seen below.

I'm sure as more assets are added and they get music from bands other than Breaking Benjamin and Atrayu we could see some rather spiffy things coming out of the site. For now, expect lots of random crap, such as the downright horrible Brothers In Arms mashup you'll find after the jump. Just be patient with it as the site is currently dealing with bandwidth issues stemming from inconsiderate video game blogs trying to show them to the world.

Build Your Own Video Game Mashups []


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