Max Payne Movie Is Wahlberg's 'Bourne'?

That's what the cover of the latest issue of British mag Total Film is asking. We'd respond with "hopefully not", what with Jason Bourne being nothing like Max Payne, but whatever. On the bright side, the mag's feature article on the movie has a bit of new info, including the fact that, apparently, Payne is Wahlberg's all-time "favourite role", and that he'll be bringing a little more depth to the character than the game ever afforded:

Sure, I raise my voice, get in people's faces... But I ramp up the humour, too. He's like a version of my character in The Departed - sly and cynical but also very funny. That's the kind of thing people like to see me doing.

We also like seeing him dance around in his undies and/or singing Transformers songs, but hopefully they won't also be in the movie. They're not really canon.

Payne is Wahlberg's "favourite role so far" [Total Film, via Eurogamer]


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