Metal Gear Solid 4 Thrown In FOR FREE!!

Previously, we brought word that Metal Gear Solid 4 appeared to be hitting the bargain bin — a mere month and a half after the game was released. (A shame, because it is a great game, even if it hasn't sold close to million copies in Japan!) Now it seems the Metal Gear Solid 4 40GB PS3 bundle's price is getting slashed at Akihabara retailer Gamers. (No clue about the gajillion other shops in Japan!) The price has been lowered from ¥49,800 ($US 454) to ¥39,800 ($US 363) for a store sale — meaning that it's going for about what regular 40GB PS3s fetch without the game. That's right, Metal Gear Solid 4 for free. No need to be sad! That's what us shopper people can a good deal.

Hit the jump for the price comparison.

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