Metallica Drops Guitar Hero Hints

Yes, there is a Guitar Hero: Metallica game coming, and it's slated to ship by March 31, 2009. But we've known that since early June. That doesn't stop Metallica's Lars Ulrich (pictured, with teeth) from being coy:

Let's put it this way, [our next album]Death Magnetic comes out in September, and the day it comes out, it will be available in the Guitar Hero 3 format, which we're obviously super-psyched about. As I've born witness to in my house, its all about the next generation. My kids play Guitar Hero every day, and to be able to get the Metallica record the day it comes out, that's super cool.

There's an Aerosmith game out there that's super successful, and if somebody's gonna follow that up...we're talking, and its exciting, and the people at Guitar Hero and Activision are rapidly becoming our best new friends in the world. You can put the rest of it together yourself.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I think that maybe, just maybe, he's talking about a Guitar Hero Metallica game. Hit the jump for the video proof.

Lars Ulrich Gets Cagey About 'Guitar Hero: Metallica' [Multiplayer]


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