Microsoft Compares Too Human To Star Wars And Lord of The Rings

Once again that Microsoft has "Never Say Die!" tattooed in neon green across its corporate chest, the company has announced it is sticking by Denis Dyack and Too Human. While the reviews have been mixed at best, Microsoft states:

Microsoft Game Studios and Silicon Knights are committed to finishing the first instalment, but Too Human is an overarching epic with a rich and vast game universe that cannot be told in one instalment.

This game will begin the saga of the god Baldur in the narrative tradition of classic trilogies, such as Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings. We will talk about the full trilogy and we are very excited about its potential.

Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Too Human? All in the same Microsoft breath.

Too Human trilogy 'very exciting', says Microsoft [MCVUK]


    If when they say "Too Human is like Star Wars" they're refering to Episodes 1-3 then sure... its just like that trilogy. Just like the new trilogy it promised the world to fans and built up an artificial hype machine only to be revealed as a flashy cash in which left the people who paid to experience it hollow and disapointed... :P

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