Midway Loses $US 34.8 Million For The Quarter

Midway Games announced today that it lost $US 34.8 million last quarter, which members of the financial community often refer to as "not so good". That's a considerable jump from the same quarter last year, in which Midway lost $US 14.3 million. Unless you're a Midway share holder and concerned about the loss of $US 0.38 per basic and diluted share, you're probably more interested in a screen shot of Johnny Cage trying to nut punch a baby.

So, what did Midway release in the second quarter? NBA Ballers: Chosen One for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, for one thing. It also lists the European release of Unreal Tournament III for the PS3 as one of its "operating highlights".

It expects things to look a little better for the next few months, with TNA iMPACT! contributing to an estimated $US 52 million in revenue. You know, they should really put some actual T & A in that game instead of focusing on oiled-up dudes. That'd sell, like, hundreds.


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