'Militant Atheists' Are Moaning About Spore

Will Wright has suffered through the tortuous development of Spore, dodged jabs from religious fundamentalists who were annoyed by evolution taking place in front of innocent children and watched open-mouthed as the Creature Creator unleashed horrifying many-penised mutants on an unsuspecting internet.

Also, as an acknowledged genius, people must always be asking him to be their Phone A Friend on Millionaire, which must get really tiring.

Now, even the Atheists are all up in his face. Can't a visionary games designer catch a break?

In focus groups, Wright was surprised to hear that 'Militant Atheists' had been offended by the inclusion of religion in the game.

"So far I've had no critical feedback at all from anybody who is religious feeling that we were misrepresenting religion or it was bad to represent religion in the game. It was really the atheists".

What is more surprising is that the atheist testers picked out the inclusion of religion - surely it is the fact that the game is basically an Intelligent Design simulator that should be causing a mass Amazoning of The God Delusion?

Most criticism of religion in Spore is from "militant atheists", claims Wright [Eurogamer]


    Funny.. It's less Intelligent Design than a sort of directed Evolution..

    As an atheist, I'm not offended by Spore, I'm excited. Your creatures evolve in steps, generation by generation.
    They aren't created perfectly from the start and that's it, end of game.

    I've actually got no idea why other atheists would be offended..
    Is it that you play God? SimCity was similar, as was pretty much anything else Will Wright made under the Sim- name. Why the big hoo-hah now?

    no one is really offended by spore some people just don't like giving special powers to the spiritual creatures. I myself am a militant atheist(an odd title considering we are they only "religion" to not go on a crusade. except maybe buddism but some of them are athiests too) and I don't care. In face I will probably have my creatures worship me and spread their faith by force! mwahahahah! Hurrah, crusading spider dudes! : )

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