More Developers Working On PC, Xbox 360 Titles

PC gaming is dead? Not according to the 2008 Game Development Survey, a report from Game Developer Research that surveyed more than 2,000 developers throughout North America and Europe to see what platforms they are creating games for. Despite rumours of impending doom, PC and MAC games were being worked on by a whopping 70 percent of developers polled, with console games at 43%, 28% working on web-based games, and only 16% taking on handheld projects. Of the console developers, 73 percent are working on 360 titles, 58% PlayStation 3, 42% on the Wii and 15% still working on titles for the good old PlayStation 2. The handheld breakdown is pretty much as you would expect - 75% DS and 45% PSP.

Of course there is a lot of crossover between categories - I'm sure a large number of those PC titles are going the PC, Xbox 360, and, to a smaller extent, PS3. Feel free to hop over to the Game Developer Research website and pick up a copy yourself for a small fee to research further.

Report: PC, Xbox 360 Dominate Game Development [GameDaily - Thanks ReadNLearn!]


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