More Final Fantasy XI Changes To Balance Out Player Levels

With an established MMO full of powered-up highlevel characters, it must be tricky to attract new players. Word of mouth is usually a great way to bring in new blood, but it's no fun joining your mates if they are all demi-gods and you are just a lowly serf who can barely lift a sword.

With that in mind (and perhaps with one eye on the 18 Hour Boss Battle debacle) Square Enix has revealed plans to make Final Fantasy XI a bit more fun for newer players and to rebalance the game so a to allow experienced characters to stand side-by-side with newbies without it being completely embarrassing.

The "Level Sync" system is a way of powering down high level characters so that they can form parties with new players and everyone can play on a field that might be completely level but which is only a bit bumpy.

New Level Sync Feature to Change the Way You Party![PlayOnline - Thanks to Cayce White for the tip]


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