My Spanish Coach PSP Hit With Cancelled Hammer

spanish_wide.jpgI didn't even know a PSP version was in development. Not any more! Along with the latest Ubisoft release schedule came the news that the game has been canned. Not sure why, maybe it didn't do so well on the Wii and DS.

Heck, if you're desparate to learn Spanish on your PSP, you could give Talkman a try. Oh, Hell's Kitchen for Wii has been moved to Q4, though I doubt anyone's going to lose much sleep over it.


    @Jam: As stated in the post, the source is Ubisoft. :P

    No, i mean give me a URL or some sort of substantial evidence. "Because i said so" isn't a source.

    @Jam: Sigh. I'm not saying "I said so". There's an email, in my inbox, from Ubisoft. Ubisoft is the source. I can't give you a URL. I could copy and paste the text from that, but it would be almost exactly what you're reading here.

    There's not much more I can do Jam. Email Ubisoft yourself, it'll tell you the same thing if you're not convinced.

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