Naruto: Ultmate Ninja Storm Getting Day One DLC

CyberConnect2 president Hiroshi Matsuyama is now the number one reason I want to learn to speak Japanese. He has this quick-talking, sly sort of accent that reminds me a bit of a stereotypical used car salesman that is completely compelling to listen to. I almost wish that his translator would stop interrupting at the Atari press conference at the Games Convention today, though that would have meant me missing him announcing that Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm will be hitting the PlayStation 3 with downloadable content available from day one. What kind of downloadable content? Unfortunately he couldn't say, but either way, it's good to see an anime fighting game - traditionally fire and forget deals - with post-release support already in the works.

And yes, Matsuyama, who considers himself the ultimate Naruto fan, ended his presentation with a joyful shout - "Believe it!" Sounds so much better coming from a Japanese used car salesman.


    More paid DLC that could easily be included in the BD hurray -_-

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