NCSoft Austin Also Rumoured To Be Hit With Lay-offs, Publisher Denies It

Earlier this week, we were told by an anonymous source that Korean publisher NCSoft was planning on laying off between 140 and 160 employees at its Austin based studio. That's the home to MMOs Tabula Rasa and Dungeon Runners, the former being the Richard Garriott helmed sci-fi title and the latter a free-to-play action fantasy outing. That's something NCSoft reps have denied, though.

According to additional unconfirmed reports from Massively, that decision may lead to the closure of the Austin branch altogether, with development on certain titles being shifted elsewhere.

NCSoft has since denied or downplayed the rumours. Calling the alleged reports "pretty outrageous" and "not accurate at all", NCSoft reps responded that "Those are rumours right now, and we can't comment on any of those rumours" when asked for comment. We're hoping to get better clarification from staffers on the current situation.

Midway announced earlier this week that it would be "reducing headcount" at its Austin location, eliminating some 80 positions. We hope that NCSoft employees aren't facing the same treatment and the prospect of joining them in unemployment.


    While the US economy may be anemic at the moment, we reported on Gamestop's incredible growth over the past year. Whether we're talking about free to plays or not, gaming is still doing better than almost any other economic sector.

    Again...these are only rumors at the moment, and 'Don't Mess with Texas'. :)

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