New Olympic Event: The Xbox Put

Everything is made more legitimate when described in a British accent, even when the narrator uses phrases like "video game things." So here is British Gaming Blog's "Summer Athletics Preview" — in which Eidos touted the release of its upcoming Summer Athletics (Sept. 30 in Europe for the Wii) with some events of its own — Xbox Put, the Wiilay, and the Gamecube Toss. Teaser only, they'll have the full video up sometime later. But you can get a look at some Xboxes smashing on the concrete at Battersea Athletics Track. I bet they'd still work.

I just realised I have a great name for UK broadcasting. And I love impersonating the broadcasts. "GMT time is twenty-two hundred. Owen Good, Kotaku World Service". Good thing this is text only, I think Stuart would beat me senseless if I said that in his presence.

Summer Athletics Preview [British Gaming Blog]


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