Next Call of Duty Penciled In For 2009

You wouldn't be surprised to learn that "an all-new Call of Duty" title will be released in 2009, would you? Good, because that's exactly what's going to happen, according to Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, who talked up the next Call of Duty in a post earnings release con call.

Kotick said that the publisher will "leapfrog" studios, which we'll assume to mean that, since Treyarch is hard at work on Call of Duty: World At War, that Call of Duty 4 developer Infinity Ward will be taking the reins on this one.

The Infinity Ward team has one unspecified project in the works for Activision, whom it just re-signed with, rumoured to possibly have a sci-fi bent to it. Space marines? It's just crazy enough to work.


    If Activision and Infinity Ward ever Make a Sci-fi, near future or Full futuristic game regardless of weather its named Cod or not, i reckon it will be the funnest. Just Imagine Cod:Future Warfare, Futuristic shadered guns with COD's famous physics engine and tick sound it makes when you shoot someone. All that + the not too shabby gfx and stable engine comapred to most put into a futuristic based game would make guns really fun to shoot, you could pull off some uber shots and it would totally own ETQW coz that sucked balls. And Battlefield 2142 was just rushed with gay physics. So i think Cod Future Warfare would be the most anticipated game. And very popular at LAN's.

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