Next Silicon Knights Game Nothing Like The Last Silicon Knights Game

Too Human's actually coming out. And good for it, it's been long enough. But what are Silicon Knights doing next? According to boss Dennis Dyack, it's going to be something completely different:

We've been lucky enough to make Legacy of Kain, Eternal Darkness, Too Human and if you look at all of those they're all really different. The next game that we're going to announce, not including the sequels to the trilogy, it's nothing like anything else we've ever made before...We want to continue to do that to keep fresh. That's really what's important, and making sure that we continue to make new IPs but also continue to innovate in the genres that we try to... create content in, I suppose is the best way to describe it.

He still thinks a second and third Too Human are going to be made? Bless him. As for this mystery project, it'll be with Sega, and if he's teasing us like this a more formal announcement can't be too far off.

Silicon Knights' next game "nothing like" Too Human [CVG]


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