Next Wolfenstein Will Be Hitler-Free

There will be Nazis, but no Hilter. As previously announced, id Software is back at work on another Wolfenstein, which is due out "when it's done". And the game won't feature Adolf Hitler. Id's lead artist Kevin Cloud explains:

No, he's [Hitler's]not in our game. We've got to save something for future Wolfensteins. We can't do him in yet! ...That's one of the cool things again about the Wolfenstein universe: we go back and we pull some of these things from real history and spin this what-if story for some of it, and some of it just kind of blows out... So like the Kreisau Circle originally is more of a group of aristocrats working behind the scenes in hopes to overthrow Hitler. Here, they're gun-toting resistance forces fighting on the streets. But it's kind of nice to take those elements, have a framework of reality, and build it out.

Well, Hitler wasn't in the last Wolfenstein. He can't be in every game, you know.

No Hitler in new Wolfenstein [Eurogamer]


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