Nintendo DS Hardware Sales Creep Up On Sony In Japan

Strong sales of Phantasy Star Portable may have given PSP sales a boost, helping to keep Sony's handheld in first place in the weekly hardware race. Nintendo was very close behind, with Nintendo DS sales creeping up — and looking to possibly overtake the PlayStation Portable soon, looking at new releases on Nintendo's side.

The Xbox 360 base creeps up ever further as the Wii holds steady and PlayStation console sales take a slight drop. The Tales of Vesperia Japanese release is sure to given Microsoft a bigger boost the following week. Next week should be interesting, as we expect a few shake ups.

PSP - 61,181
Nintendo DS - 57,398
Wii - 41,109
PlayStation 3 - 9,508
PlayStation 2 - 9,045
Xbox 360 - 5,359


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