Nintendo Say Hey, Third party Games Do So Sell On The Wii

It's an ages-old argument levelled against Nintendo platforms: they're driven by the success of Nintendo titles, and third-party publishers have a rough time of it. An argument Nintendo are having none of! Nintendo of America's Vice President of Corporate Affairs Denise Kaigler has told GameDaily:

There is an assumption out there that just simply isn't true... We're setting the record straight. This is fact. We are selling third-party games and they are doing very well, and better than our competitors.

In between the "this is fact" and the "we are selling" bits, she points to a chart she was carrying (pictured), with data supplied by the NPD Group. Which...doesn't prove her point at all, showing only the Wii's total software sales in the first 19 months since launch, not a breakdown of first-party v third-party sales. And while the sales are very impressive, it's a bit of a stretch to somehow say that's "fact".

Nintendo: Third-Party Games Not Selling on Wii is a False Assumption [GameDaily]


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