Nintendo Want The Developing World's Money, Too

For all the talk of Nintendo's "dominance", it's a relative thing. They're dominating videogame sales amongst a small percentage of the world's population. Namely, the developed world. North America, Western Europe, NE Asia, Australasia, etc. And a few other places. But why stop there? There are over 6 billion people on this planet, so Nintendo may as well go take everyone's money, rich or poor. Boss Satoru Iwata:

After we complete our mission in developed countries, then we'll have to start thinking about how to make our products appealing in developing countries. We'll have a whole new dimension of issues to tackle like pricing, quantity availability and regional adaptation. We're not going to meet our goals that easily.

In other words, take over the world. Satoru Iwata: part-time Nintendo president, full-time Bond villain.

Keeping Up Nintendo's Momentum [WSJ]


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