OFLC Has New Fallout 3, Classification Pending

OFLC Has New Fallout 3, Classification Pending

Retailer rumours? Bah! This is more like it. The Office of Film and Literature Classification has acknowledged that it is has a new version of Fallout 3 from Bethesda, and is in the process of judging its appropriateness for our market. Note this build could also be refused classification, though it’s highly unlikely.

Last month, Fallout 3 was refused classification by the OFLC for its depiction of real-world drugs. An edited version will assure the game gets into the hands of the average consumer, however, those seeking sane pricing and a “pure” experience will still look to the miracles of importing.

Fallout 3: May see an Australian release, after all [Internode Games Network]


  • The worst thing about this is that the GTAIV fiasco showed us a lot of people will settle for the modified version, and it will all blow over as it did with that game. With GTAIV it was “as long as they’ve only taken out a little, that’s OK”. It’s not OK. As long as a game this big stays on the RC list, the issue continues to gain attention and something will (fingers crossed) eventually be done about it. So import away, it’s cheap, and it’s easy. Even retailers will jump on board the cause if they think they’re losing money.

  • Wow, fingers crossed! I may still be inclined to import just on principle, but will probably depend on the removed contact.

    I didn’t import GTAIV, and the changes related to that title are, whilst not significant as far as I’m concerned, are more significant the image removal and a change of some text, so I’d be happy with the local one if that’s all that’s changed.

  • I don’t care, I don’t want this soft version, I’m importing all my games from now on, that around 10 dollars of GST the australian goverment will not be getting and that’s just from one person. Kiss my ass Michael atkinson

  • How I graciously adorn this article with firstest post, and how the latter wrenches wither most miserably. A deepest melachonaly composes my posture as I stand straight; morosely contimplating those more sluggish than myself.

  • GTA Fiasco isnt over yet.
    It just got pulled from shelves because some idiot teenage blamed the game when he stabbed and killed a taxi driver recently

  • Ah, this is even worse than it being completely banned. In its banned state, it drew attention to the ridiculous anti-gaming laws and price of games in Australia. This way, it’s just become a tiny, insignificant issue to alot of people.

    If I get this, I’m importing it. In fact this is just more encouragement to import it and maybe GTA4 as well.

    Damn that OFLC.

  • The bigger and much more terrifying issue is that EB Games’ staff may have had a clue. What Bizarroworld have I stumbled upon?

    God I hope it was a coincidence.

  • Fallout 3 is going to be sweet. Really looking forward to its release. Now, where is that vial of morphine….?….?….!

  • I don’t know what is more aggravating – the pathetic state of our classification system, or the huge stigma surrounding drugs.

    Morphine is a vital, and irreplaceable part of medicine. It has been for thousands of years, and will continue to be a necessity. Every hospital in Australia has it, our pharmacies sell it on prescription, and in Tasmania we have fields as far as the eye growing poppies for the purpose of extracting morphine.

    Given this, you would think that most people would have a fairly good understanding of just what morphine is – a powerful analgesic, used for the purpose of treating serious pain. You wouldn’t think it to be a taboo to present someone using the substance for this purpose.

    In fallout 3, the use for morphine is undoubtedly for removing pain. The player IS NOT shooting themselves up just for the rush, nor would they be rewarded in any manner other than that of a pain-reducing substance. I fail to see how a game could even represent “euphoria” or “apathy”, which are described as some of the main enjoyable side effects of Morphine.

    Not only does the game NOT glamorize the use of the substance, it even goes so far as to show certain side effects that can result from excessive use. Given this, I can see no possible way this could be considered as encouraging recreational drug use.

    In the end though, it’s all about the Stigma. It’s fine to shoot up make-believe stuff like Nectar or Plasmids, but as soon as you mention a mainstream illicit substance, a bunch of people will throw their arms in their air and scream “somebody think about the children!”.

  • A question for legal-beagles: if Fallout 3 were to be released here (in it’s edited glory), would imports of the unaltered version be subject to the same scrutiny by Customs?

  • No, RC means the game cannot be legally sold in australia by stores but go nuts importing it, they can’t do a thing as long as you don’t sell it in a store yourself.

  • Are there currently any Australian people organised to attempt to have the rules changed, to give us an R18+ classification (apart from just signing an online petition)?

    At present censorship laws are under review (re: terrorist material) so it might be a good time to take action.

    If anyone knows of any kind of action taking place, or would like to brainstorm what steps would be involved in getting a political lobby happening, please get in contact with me.

    [email protected]

  • The crazy over policing of Australian government really fuels my desire to revel against them.
    After this fiasco, I’m taking up morphine.

    Come to think of it, how many people actually takes Morphine as a drug of choice? Heroin, I’d understand… but Morphine? is it not a medicine?

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