On the Road to PAX

With less than two weeks before I need to get on the road to drive to Penny Arcade Expo, I figure now is probably the time to see if anyone is interested in joining me for a two day drive to Seattle and all things Penny Arcade. Unlike those hardcore trekkers partaking in the Cross Country Supertrip, my plan is to break the nearly 1,400 mile drive up with my wife and son over two days.

We plan to leave the Denver area the morning of August 27 and drive about halfway (which will put us somewhere in Idaho, likely near Heyburn). Then the next day we'll drive the rest of the way to Seattle. That's two 10 hour or so treks.

If anyone is interested in meeting up with us in their own vehicles drop me a line at editor at Kotaku dot com and we'll figure out which parking lots to meet in. I'd rather not detour from the drive, so if you're interested you'd probably have to meet up with us along the way.

I figure this year is a dry run. If things go well, and there's enough interest, next year I might try expanding it to a longer route and even see if we can throw together some sort of on-the-way pit stop with food and games. So I also need to know whether this sort of thing appeals to you at all or if it's just a really bad idea. Go crazy in comments.


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