Overlord II - Now With 50% More Evil!

Codemasters are to release a sequel to their 2007 minion-wrangling game Overlord that will pit the player-controlled title character and his chaotic army against an uptight, by-the-book Empire.

The original game challenged you to be either evil or really evil. This, apparently, was just not flippin' evil enough to satisfy developers Triumph.

Game director Lennart Sas told Eurogamer, "Now the choices are between lawful evil and chaotic evil, which usually translates to either enslaving the population or all-out scorched earth".

Major changes to the game include minions with proper names and personalities as opposed to just random flunkys. This will establish "relationships between master and underling" which frankly sounds a bit pervy. And evil. Definitely evil.

Codemasters unveils Overlord II [Eurogamer]


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