PAL PlayStation Store Update: Bionic Commando Unarmed

Just in case you missed the news earlier, Europe, there's no Bionic Commando Rearmed for you today. Well, there isn't on PS3. There is on 360 and PC, but you, you're left with the PS1 version of Driver. Which as far as consolation prizes isn't too bad! It could have been a worse PS1 game. Or, you know. You could have got the usual deal, and got no games.

PS3 store

Sheep (PS1 Classic)
Driver (PS1 Classic)

Monster Madness
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

Nascar 09 - Car Skin Pack 1
Nascar 09 - Car Skin Pack 2
Nascar 09 - Car Skin Pack 3
Nascar 09 - Montreal

E3 - In conversation with Shuhei Yoshida
Fatal Inertia Ex Trailer 1

PC store

Sheep (PS one Classic)
Driver (PS one Classic)

Buzz!™: Master Quiz Trailer

In Game

Nucleus Updated Full Game file
Nucleus Updated In-game upgrade file

PSN store update! [Three Speech]


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