Patent Trolls Suing Sony, Want To Halt PS3 Sales

Patent Trolls Suing Sony, Want To Halt PS3 Sales

You know, sometimes these patent suits are justified. The Immersion stuff, that’s fair enough, because Immersion actually make things that rumble. It’s what they do. Stuff like this suit, though? It does little but take the piss. Orinda Intellectual Properties USA (the name says it all) have, on August 20, filed a suit against Sony, Sony Electronics, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment America. They claim that the PS3’s Blu-Ray drive (as well as other Sony BD players) violates a patent Orinda hold that relates to…storing data on a disc. Not only are the patent trolls asking for “a reasonable royalty”, they want the sales of all Blu-Ray devices across America to be halted.

Good luck with that.

Orinda Intellectual Properties USA Holding Group Inc v. Sony Corporation et al
[via Edge]


  • Maybe it’s just me, but do all the tiny little companies seem to be filing lawsuits for every single little thing the video game industry spits out? If they wanted to sue Blu-Ray, why wait? The first Blu-Ray player came out ages ago.
    Attention seekers.

  • I’m gonna make a new type of storage, a special disc, it holds 1 million gigabytes. oh crap i can’t actually, I’ll get sued.

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