Peacemongers Protest Ubisoft HQ Over War Games Claims

San Franciscans who had an open afternoon took to the streets today to protest the work of Ubisoft and the United States Army, claiming that the America's Army line of video games "has been developed by the United States Army to recruit children under the age of 17 in violation of the U.N. Optional Protocol and international law". Fortunately, Wired's Game|Life was on hand to capture the action, beat by beat.

In short, the protest group Bay Area Direct Action feels that, due to the 'Teen' rating of the America's Army series, Ubisoft is in violation of "international law" by making joining the Army seem totally rad — just like sitting on your arse playing video games all day, instead of focusing on how you could be maimed or killed or mentally scarred for life.

Wired points out how wrong this is in between bouts of dissecting how ill-prepared the group was with clever signs, pun-laden chants and logic. Since it went down in San Francisco, so a genuinely crazy guy shows up. It's worth a read.

Activists Protest America's Army Game With Songs and Stickers [Game|Life][Image]


    Why are some American's, like Evil Knieval and Robert E Howard, so totally awesome, while other American's like these guys are such total douche bags.

    It's like the country is full of these people who are different from one another, that's why the whole democracy thing isn't working out.

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