Peter Petrelli, Hiro Nakamura Hit Sydney, Sign DVDs

hiro_wide.jpgOtherwise known in real life as Milo Ventimiglia and Masi Oka, the pair will be at the Galeries Victoria JB Hi-Fi in Sydney on September 2, from 1:15PM to 2:45PM.

If your love of Heroes demands you to not only pick up the Season 2 DVD pack minus the DVDs, but get the cover signed by the aforementioned personalities, Sept 2 will be like a second Christmas. Personally, I found the second season all over the place (writer's strike probably didn't help). David Anders does a wicked UK accent though.

Press release with extensive details, after the jump.

The Countdown is On: Heroes Stars' Arrive in Sydney

Sydney will have the opportunity to welcome Milo Ventimiglia and Masi Oka, two of the lead stars in the hit TV series Heroes when they host an in-store signing event at JB Hi-Fi to meet their most passionate Australian fans.

When: Tuesday, 2 September Where: JB Hi-Fi Store, The Galeries Victoria, 500 George St, Sydney Time: 1:15pm to 2:45pm Hundreds of fans are expected to attend the event where Milo and Masi will be signing pre-order copies of the new Heroes: Season 2 DVD*.

Milo Ventimiglia stars as the idealistic, power absorbing Peter Petrelli while Masi Oka plays the endearing time-bending Hiro Nakamura. During a phenomenally successful first season, Heroes won over the hearts and minds of fans from all over the world.

As the second season launches on DVD, Australian fans have the chance to get up-close-and-personal with the two most recognisable characters of the franchise.

Heroes: Season 2 will be releasing on DVD and Blu-ray on October 1 , 2008 in Australia. The visit will also celebrate the debut season currently screening on SCI FI Channel and Season 3 coming soon to Channel 7.

* Heroes: Season 2 will be available to pre-order exclusively at the JB Hi Fi store in The Galeries Victoria. Fans can pre-order the DVD at this store from 8am Tuesday 2nd of September and will receive the DVD cover to be signed by Milo and Masi on that day only.

Please note: pre-ordering / signage is dependent on a first come first served basis. Milo and Masi will only be signing the pre-ordered DVD cover.


    Brisbane Please!!! i know we are no Sydeny but we love our heroes too !!!

    will they be coming to brisbane aswell? if so where?

    I got a photo with them! Milo was so nice! He asked how we were =D

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