Pirates Of The Caribbean MMORPG Goes Free This Weekend

A-har me hearties! Avast ye swabs! Other pirate cliches!

Disney would love you to try a spot of piracy — just the sword-wielding high seas kind, mind you, not the intellectual property kind. Slitting throats for booty is one thing — just don't mess with the Mouse.

To encourage the mass adoption of eyepatches and Keith Richards' swaggering, Disney are opening up the paid-for bits of their Pirates of the Caribbean MMORPG this weekend.

Basic Access to PotC has always been free, with some abilities and equipment reserved for the fee-paying Unlimited members. This weekend (August 15 — 18) all Basic members will get an upgrade to Unlimited and be able to form guilds, stock up on weapons and skills, and generally get their buccaneering on. Unlimited class members wont lose out either, with up to 50% discounts in the in game stores.

This Weekend Only! [Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean]


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