Play Fable II, Have Orgy, Achievement Unlocked!

The first Fable let you knock boots with the lady types. Even let you marry them. Which was great, but is nothing on what Fable II will let you get up to. The game's achievement list has been released, and amidst the usual progress-based stuff, one feat in particular stands out. The Swinger. Which rewards you with 5G for taking part in an orgy, provided you do so "responsibly". Which should be fun, but really, professional swingers will want to string their adult-oriented achievements together, linking it with The Bigamist, the Pied Piper (Start a party where at least 5 villagers are dancing), the Party Animal (Get 15 villagers drunk in under three minutes) and The Menace To Society (Commit an act of public indecency).

Fable 2 Achievement List [Xbox360Achievements, via Dtoid]


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