Pretend You Have A Mac With The Lan-Li Xbox 360 Chassis

This wouldn't look out of place as one of Viz Magazine's Top Tips:

Graphic Designers! Don't waste money on expensive Apple Macintosh desktops - just gut your Xbox like a fish and stuff its innards into a Lan-Li PC-XB01!

The Lan-Li case really does look like one of Apples more industrial numbers with the cheese grater effect on the front. It has plenty of room inside to let air flow around your now warranty-free Xbox, plus housings for a water cooling system if you are really paranoid about getting the RROD or live on the Sun.

The PC-XB01 will be available later this month for around $US 150. Time to start looking for a minimalist Phillip Starke controller to go with it.

Lan-Li PC-XB01 [via The Register]


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