Pretty Girl? Now SEGA's New Arcade Image Character Is A Pretty Boy

The new SEGA arcade "image character" has begun his SEGA arcade image character duties! Aren't you excited? I'm excited. (You should be excited.) To review, previous image characters include MEGUMI, Yuko Ogura (twice!) and Satomi Ishihara. The new SEGA arcade image character is Jpop boy band singer Haruma Miura (pictured), breaking the string of females before him. As SEGA's image character, his face will be plastered all over SEGA's domestic arcades, perhaps enticing more females to venture inside. Says Miura:

Being photographed while gaming is a first for me. Initially, I was nervous, but gradually I relaxed and forgot all about that and just enjoyed the game. This isn't just work, it's also play... I don't really know what's best for me to do, but personally, I want everyone to know how much I enjoy game centres so they can see the appeal — especially now [in this heat] , game centres are refreshingly cool.

Seems like a nice enough kid, even if he's misguided in his choice of coats. Hit the jump for another shot of Miura.

That bullet is aimed right for your heart, ladies.

セガ・ゲーセン親善大使として"ゲーセン"の魅力を伝える [Famitsu]


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