Prince Of Persia (Movie) Delayed To 2010

The Mike Newell-directed, Jake Gyllenhaal-starring Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time movie won't make it to theatres next year as planned. According to a report from Coming Soon, Disney has delayed the Hollywood adaption of the Ubisoft game to May 28, 2010. Coming Soon pegs its release between the planned bowing of the next Shrek picture and Marvel's Thor movie. Heartbreaking news to the both of you who were planning on taking off that Friday.

The new Prince of Persia game? Seems to be coming along nicely, according to what we weren't allowed to touch at Comic-Con. We did, however, press the Start button on the PlayStation 3 controller before it was snatched out of our hands. That bit worked perfectly.

Prince of Persia Pushed Back a Year [Coming Soon]


    who cares? I would have been let down, but instead of hiring someone of that race they hired some white guy, what are they going to do slap on a fake tan and some eyeliner? They probably won't even bother with that, just leave it unexplained why a white guy is not just a persian but the prince of persia! This kind of crap should have been left back in the 1930's when white guys played bad afriacan americans and asians. Kung Fu anyone? A chinese monk and...he's white!! what?

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