PSP-2001 vs PSP-3000

Differences between the PSP-2001 (ie the PSP Slim) and the PSP-3000 (ie the new one) may not be as big as those between the Slim and the original, but damnit, there are still differences. Famitsu are the first to compare the new PSP model with its predecessor, and as you can see, the changes are fundamental! Innumerable! Look at those streamlined edges! We'll never be able to play our Slims again, what with the fear being crushed by its blunt, heavy edges. After the jump, a more effective comparison shot, this one showing the difference a new LCD screen can make.



    Well the new screen looks like the only good thing going for the psp 3000.

    Anybody know of a screen protector that can do the same thing ? Surely theres one out there.

    well in the new psp 3000 i think i read something about games loading alot quicker or something..due to some new fancybit of be honest...i am a little pissed off...i didnt realise that the psp 3000 was out..and well went in to EB to buy the psp..and wow prices shot way up again...losers..soo i stood there for about 20 mins trying to figure out..what was worth an extra $200 dollars...a new screen lighter...quicker....and thinner...hmmmmm wow how rubbish is that...

    grr makes me mad lol


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