PSP Gets A Ten-Year Plan As Well

Know this, industry followers: Sony aren't kidding around when they say the PS3 will have a ten-year shelf life. They mean it. It's hard-wired company policy, that comes straight from the top. What's not so widely known, however, is that it's a policy that is being applied to all PlayStation products. Which, yeah, includes the PS2 (which is nearly there), but also the PSP. Sony's Scott Steinberg:

We do not have a planned obsolescence strategy [for the PSP] . Whether it's Skype or some other peripherals, it's not just a dumb terminal that lies secluded and isn't enhanced with all the recent technologies and opportunities.

Did he...did he just call the DS a "dumb terminal"?

SCEA's Steinberg On 'Future-Proofing' A Ten-Year PS3 [Gamasutra]


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