Quantum of Solace Pooh Poohs Bourne Video Game

Bond game Quantum of Solace stars movie Bond Daniel Craig. The Bourne game does not star Matt Damon. It stars some dude. Quantum of Solace dev Garrett Young chimes in about his thoughts about that:

The Bourne movies I think are really good. I think a lot of people maybe thought they were maybe better than the Bond movies until Casino Royale. The Bourne game... we did download the demo, we did look at it, like we do anything that's new and coming out. Turok we played and other things that are new, we played GTA although that's not really in our space.

But... yeah... not super impressed with the game. No offence to those guys at all. We're actually now partners. They're kind of merged in with Activision, so now they're in San Diego. I haven't met them yet. I don't know anything about them at all. I hope their game does well. It's always tough though when you make a game and you don't have the lead character from the movie.

Yep, yep. The suspension of disbelief is obviously harder. If you're making a Bourne game, you need fucking Matt Damon.

Quantum of Solace's Garrett Young speaks [OXM via CVG]


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