Question Time: Guitar Hero: World Tour Or Rock Band 2?

rb_vs_gh.jpgA hard choice for some, a simple one for others. If you’re keen on rhythm games, music and multiple instruments, fate suggests you will have to unload cash on one of these games and their related hardware. And, at ~$400 a pop, most don’t have the luxury of picking up both. In essence, EA and Activision are competing for your cash and your loyalty.

Personally, Guitar Hero: World Tour has my vote, if only because of EA/Harmonix’s track record. And, with Rock Band 2 apparently due out before even Rock Band gets here, one has to wonder who would buy the original at all, especially with the pricing EA’s released so far. I’m scared to think how much Rock Band 2 will cost… if we see it this year.

So, which one (or neither) has your vote and why?


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