Question Time: Guitar Hero: World Tour Or Rock Band 2?

Question Time: Guitar Hero: World Tour Or Rock Band 2?

rb_vs_gh.jpgA hard choice for some, a simple one for others. If you’re keen on rhythm games, music and multiple instruments, fate suggests you will have to unload cash on one of these games and their related hardware. And, at ~$400 a pop, most don’t have the luxury of picking up both. In essence, EA and Activision are competing for your cash and your loyalty.

Personally, Guitar Hero: World Tour has my vote, if only because of EA/Harmonix’s track record. And, with Rock Band 2 apparently due out before even Rock Band gets here, one has to wonder who would buy the original at all, especially with the pricing EA’s released so far. I’m scared to think how much Rock Band 2 will cost… if we see it this year.

So, which one (or neither) has your vote and why?


  • Rock Band 2 has my vote. I’ve already got Rock Band 1. And Guitar Hero 2 was better than Guitar Hero 3.

  • I would be Jaw-Droppingly amazed if we saw “Rock Band 2” this year.

    The only hope at this point is if by some miracle of miracles, “Rock Band 1” launches with the Version 2.0 instruments here – that way I can just import the “RB 2” disc from the states.

    But with “GH: WT” – Activision have got cash to burn, so I can only imagine the kind of talent that would attract on top of who we already know about. I would expect that they start announcing some additional tracks in the next few weeks – the fact that they haven’t already indicates to me that they aren’t concerned by what “RB 2” has to offer.

    I’ve avoided importing “RB” over the last year due to concerns with the instrument quality – so I’ll take the easy approach and say whichever product launches here first will get my money.

  • HARMONIX’S track record?

    Activision are the ones who blocked a PS3 compatibility update improving guitar compatibility between the two rivals.

    Activision are the ones releasing substandard games (GH: Aerosmith?) , have a terrible lack of DLC, are ripping off Harmonix without even acknowledging them, and IMO (understanding that this is very subjective), the ones with the weaker setlist.

    I have my GH3 Guitar, my imported copy of Rock Band, and my imported Rock Band Drums. I can be sure they’re all guaranteed to work on Rock Band 2 without issue, all my DLC (and ingame tracks) will carry over, and they won’t hold onto newly licensed tracks for a new game release instead of releasing them as DLC.

    Harmonix aren’t to blame for local licensing and pricing problems. They just make the game. The superior game.

  • I’ll be waiting to see the tracklist for GH, but that’s the way I’m leaning.

    If no other reason than to make my own pointless, mini-stand against RB…

  • For me, honestly it’s just a case of whichever reaches our shores first and the price at which it does – so far, Rock Band pricing scares the living daylights out of me ($400AU for the full game with instruments – unsubstantiated or not, it’s a concern). I’m still sitting on the fence, but if Rock Band is out here first and can beat out Activision on the pricing – that’s where my money’s going.

  • I think its pretty obvious who’s going to be keeping up the DLC in this.
    How many Guitar Hero packs were there? Like 4?

    For DLC alone, RB2 has my vote.

  • After GH3’s rapid increase in difficulty in the last tier im off activisions bandwagon for now. Harmonix has been taunting australia for the last year, but that has got me reeaaalllyy wanting Rockband, alot! which now carries over onto RockBand 2.
    im not really interested in creating my own tracks like in World Tour, id probably never touch that editor, im more persuaded by the regular downloadable tracks for Rockband 2 which now means a HUGE tracklist if you include Rockband

  • I personally prefer Harmonix, and how they wanted to have the guitars from GH work in rock band. Correct me if i’m wrong there. As a business and as a group of people and because of an awesome setlist I want rock band 2.

    But, 2 raised cymbals means the world to me, and quality drums set (i’m not goin to get the uber mad cats rock band drums), so i will buy GH:WT with all the instruments, and hope they are compatible with rock band 2. Not because rock band 2 is a worse game, I think it will be better, but i think i will enjoy either game thoroughly, so missing out on rock band 2 may have to happen. I survived without RB1. But i still wish the instruments will be compatible, given i think rumours say they will be.

  • haha Activision ripping off Harmonix.. its funny how no-one has said Harmonix is ripped off the Konami Drummania series with their dodgy Rock-Band drum kit… I suppose its easy to forget about things when an American company does it “cooler”…

  • I usually make a consious effort not to by anything affiliated with EA unless I REALLY need to. If there is another option I’m going to take it, and considering the laughable hinted price of the PAL RB – I think I’ll just continue on down the GH path.

  • I’m boycotting Rockband due to AUS being left off the world map for so long in the Rockband rollout. But looking at the hinted price for Guitar Hero WT i doubt i’ll be getting that either. Unless play-asia has it.

  • I want Rock Band. I think it’s a far better game. I refuse to buy the local release if it doesn’t come with RB2 instruments, though. In all honesty I’ll probably get GHWT simply because I know that we won’t be shagged around for the better part of a year and then bent over a barrel for the privilege. EA have been treating our country like the proverbial red-headed stepchild recently, and Harmonix’s mouthing off over PAL/Australian RB pricing etc, while probably not ill-intentioned, has resulted in them coming off as being incredibly dishonest. I’m also hesitant over RB because their track record makes me wonder what else they’re going to screw us over with.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if EA / Harmonix decided to release Rock Band 2 with the instruments and Rock Band 1 coupled in?

    It won’t happen but damn it’d be nice.

  • Rock Band 2 here, kinda a no brainer. The first wasn’t too expensive to import, and compared to GHIII has WAAAAAY more DLC, I don’t know maybe it’s just the Aussie GHIII which is suffering for lack of content?

    Hell has anything even been anounced as to whether GH:WT is going to be out here? on time? at a decent price?

    Also I think it sucks that RB2 has decided to be timed exclusive, why this and not the first?

  • Guitar Hero World Tour for me, this is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, i almost certainly would have bought the game originally, but not a year later, and twice the price the rest of the world pays, plus i imagine we’d somehow be paying a higher cost for DLC along the way.

  • As much as we moan and whine about EA’s staggered release, have we heard anything from Activision about the Aussie release date for GH:WT?

  • Rock Band 2 here. Rock Band already has a strong DLC line up behind it, as well as a pretty strong set list, in addition to the fact that the note charts are still based off how the songs are played instead of taking a slayer song, and adding random notes to it just to make it harder. Because of that, I didn’t get the same enjoyment out of GH3 that I did out of 1&2. That said, I probably won’t be the one buying it, one of my friends will. Instead, I’ll be the guy putting in money for that carton of beer to help us tour the world.

  • i vote for Rockband 2 because u can have all the original songs & plus the downloaded songs from both Rockbands.

  • I’ll be getting both…eventually. I have RB1 and GHIII and have barely touched GHIII since buying RB, due to the RB guitar being much better to play, so depending on compatibility, I’ll probably go the whole RB2 kit, and use them in GH:WT.
    I’m finding it very interesting that people are choosing RB based on GHIII’s lack of downloadable content though.
    GHIII never promised any content, and we’ve already got loads more than they did for GHII, as well as a fair few free songs which are amongst the most fun to play.
    On the other hand, RB promised a full album every week and have failed to deliver on that. Most of the albums they promised are never going to happen.

  • Rockband for me.

    Whilst the Guitar Hero “make your own song” thing really appeals to me, the amount of content already out for and backwards compatible with Rockband appeals to me more.

  • I haven’t seen a confirmed US release date on GH:WT or an Australian release date for RB…

    Maybe the reason that EA is releasing RB1 here in october is because they know that Activision isn’t releasing GH:WT in australia this year?

  • I *was* going to get RB1 when there was rumors of a April/May release, but since RB2 is probably going to be released in the US before we get RB1 (which is just plain WRONG), I wouldn’t even accept either one as a gift. OK, maybe I would… But only so I could have the pleasure of watching it burn…

    I probably wont bother with GH:WT either. I could probably find an almost brand new drum kit (my instrument of choice) for a similar price, thanks to people buying them with the intention of learning how to play, and then leaving them to gather dust within a few days and then selling them for a fraction of the original cost. As for the music, I’ve got plenty of CDs I can learn to mimic, and I’m not paying for cover versions of songs.

  • my vote is for guitar hero. ive always been a guitar hero fan and think the gameplay is better by far. also the gh intruments are going to be alot more sturdy and heavy duty, not to mention the touch pad on the guitar and the elevated cymbols. the rockband 2’s instruments my be better than the ones before, but i still have nightmares of my drum pedal snapping in the middle of a song.

  • i will be getting GH:WT.
    i have been waiting for Rockband from before it was Released in America. it seams that they only put a Australian release date on it now because they want to sell as many of them in Australia before World Tour provides competition and shop space.
    as for rock band having DLC and Backwards compatibility. that only affects you (Australians) if you have imported a copy of the game. if you have to make the choice in the store i would choose Guitar Hero over RB.
    and remember there will always be a Guitar hero V

  • -_- ill just buy both off amazon for less the price of one of them here all i have to do is wait… 2 – 3 weeks for it…
    *world ends*

    actually ill preoder that now

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