RB2: Drum Trainer, Battle Of The Bands Detailed

Harmonix swung by New York City this week so I finally got a chance to check out Rock Band 2 for the XBOX 360. So is there any new info we didn't already see from E3? Why yes, yes there is. Although we briefly went over some of the game's features that were already reveled, we spent the majority of the time going over new details on modes - such as the Drum Trainer and Battle of the Bands - as well. Oh, were you thinking about buying the original Rock Band so you could import the old songs? You might want to consider just renting it instead.

"The drums are hard" was probably one of the most used phrases of from last year's Rock Band players. I thought they were doable on medium, but yeah, hard and expert levels were near impossible without any previous expertise. Well, the bad news is the drums are still the same ol' drums you've come to love and hate. But the good news is there is finally a drum trainer to help you out! There are three modes: Beat Trainer, Fill Trainer, and Freestyle Mode. Here's how they work:


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