Resident Evil 2 Remake for Wii?

Can it be true? Now that the Wii is confirmed as the new home of violent hardcore gaming is the time right for a remake of good old Resi 2?

Japanese fan board 2ch has popped up a rumour concerning a possible remake of Biohazard 2 (aka Resident Evil 2 - but you knew that, right?) that will be exclusive to the Wii.

If the rumour is correct — and when has a random post on a Japanese fan site ever been wrong? — then we will be treated to a full Wii-ified remake, with some additional story elements. There will be a new 'swordsman' enemy (sword waggling minigame, anyone?) and 'Resident Evil 4 Viewpoints', which could mean anything - possibly 3rd-person over-the-shoulder stuff?

Its more than likely just bobbins, but even the slightest hint of RE2 is better than no RE2 at all.

Biohazard 2 Remake on the way? [The Horror Is Alive via N-Europe]


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