Rock Band 2 Classified, Mild Coarse Language

rb2_class.jpgNo, it hasn't been refused classification, but given the stream of RCs we've seen in the last 18 months, I wouldn't put it past the board. All EA's music title could muster is a PG and an advisory for language.

One could take the appearance of the title in the classification database as confirmation we'll be seeing the game soon. All I'd do is point them in the direction of the entry for the original. November 2007? How'd that turned out?

What we can assume from this news is that EA has at least one build of the game in the country.

Rock Band 2 Game (Multi Platform) [Classification Board, thanks NegativeZero]


    I don't know about it being a confirmation... If you look at the date when Rock Band was classified it says 28 November 2007, which is around the time Rock Band was released in America.

    Eh, whatever. All hope for rock band faded quite long ago... even the Aus/NZ/Cake forum no longer has the "give us some info damn it" posts. Now they're just the select few who went to the trouble of importing Rock Band talking about their high scores etc.

    Whatever happened to you Harmonix? You used to be cool.
    (waits for harmonix to reply "Harmonix still cool, ")

    I'll believe it when I see it....
    Import is prob going to be cheaper in the long run as the gamefull set was quoted on some gaming sites as verging on the the same price for a pro xbox360.
    Bugger that.

    That is not something I expected to see.

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