R-Type Tactics Aiming For Retrogaming Market

MCV is reporting that Rising Star are attempting to target R-Type Tactics squarely at the retro gaming crowd.

Tactics is a new spin on the R-Type franchise, swapping the familiar side-scrolling twitch gameplay for a resolutely older-than-old-skool turn-based hex 'em up.

"The sense of nostalgia you get when you see the artwork and knowing you grew up with this series is immense and great fun to work on"., said Rising Star's Yen Hau, "Considering the size of the fan base, we expect to see steady sales throughout the Christmas period and into the New Year."

I have to say, this does sound like they are boxing themselves in a bit - is there really a big enough market for this? If it's a fun game then it is a fun game, but if you have to go out of your way to stress the nostalgia element.. it doesn't bode well.

R-Type Tactics is out on September 12th.

New R-Type targets retro gamers [MCV]


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